Monday, May 2, 2011

Slow Cooked Lamb with Pappardelle

I know this picture looks a bit...brown (I didn't have any green stuff like parsley to make it look better), but let me tell you it tasted fantastic. I had seen this recipe for Lamb with pappardelle in the latest Cuisine magazine and without even looking at the cook I knew immediately it was Ray McVinnie. His signature was all over it. I really trust Ray McV's recipes as they seem to work and are often easy and straightforward using good ingredients to get maximum flavour. Even though he can come across as being a little pretentious he is actually an excellent teacher and his food generally uncomplicated but delicious. The only thing I found was that the lamb took a couple of hours to get really nice and tender rather than the hour cooking time stated in the recipe. But never mind I had the whole afternoon for it to simmer away happily on the stove. 

I also made the pasta which was also fantastic....if I do say so myself. The boys loved helping me to roll it out with my pasta maker and I think it made them appreciate the dish even more. Pasta is so easy to make but for some reason I hardly ever get around to it. Maybe it is to do with the fact that my pasta maker is a bit of a pain and moves around on the bench making it more work than what it needs to be. Regardless the most important thing, I think, is to make sure the dough is well rested before rolling it out and then cooking it in well salted water. Ray McV says the water should be as salty as the sea if that's any help. The recipe for pasta is so easy to remember basically being 100g flour (I used high grade) to one egg. Sure you can fancy it up by using more egg yolks but this is good family food so there was no need for all that carry on. 

Anyway if you want the recipe let me know or else go out and buy the Cuisine mag.


  1. oh yes please would love this recipe!

  2. Hi Megan
    All my cuisine mags are in storage at the moment because of can I have the recipe for the lamb pappardelle please.I remember making it last winter and it was delicious.
    Thanks Anne

    1. HI Anne. I would love to give you the recipe but I'm in the same boat at the moment! Have you looked on the Cuisine website or else do a google search and someone else might have posted it somewhere. Sorry I can't be of more help!