Sunday, May 29, 2011

BEWARE...seriously cute photos to follow...PUPPIES!!!

Harry thrilled to have finally got his hands on a puppy

Harry holding 'Big Bob' and Ruby holding the little girl who is just like our Archie

How can anyone resist!

Charlie the very virile dad looking in from outside

Our Archie...ready for a haircut

 Yesterday we finally got to see my best friend Annie's new puppies. This is her dogs Lily and Charlie's 3rd litter and was pretty much an unwanted pregnancy. She looked away for just a second and there they were...and now here is the result of that one shot....7 babies (a huge litter for little dogs), of which 5 are girls and 2 are boys. I figure Lily is very fertile and Charlie is incredibly virile and here is the proof! Annie had thought that as 'it' was only once there may only be a couple of puppies but she really could not have been more wrong! However all the puppies she has had have been brought up with love, tons of kisses and loads of handling which really makes them into fantastic dogs, and these ones are no exception. I can say this as I have Archie which was from her first litter and I have gone from not being a 'dog person' to loving my little boy with a passion. In fact I don't even feel like I had a puppy it was all so easy. Anyway I hope I haven't killed you all with cuteness and boredom with these photos. I only wish I could bring you that new puppy smell!....See here I go again!!!!

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