Monday, May 23, 2011

Baking for Nightshift- Apple and Carrot Cake

The other day I was checking out all the blogs I follow on my Google reader and came upon this fantastic recipe posted about by Mrs Cake. I knew it would be the perfect cake for a busy night shift so set about to make it for my shift tonight. Mrs Cake does great posts with step by step photos...something I would like to do but I just keep on forgetting to take the shots as I go! She said her husband had rated it 9/10 so that seemed good enough for me. She also calls it 'Healthy Cake', and now having made it myself can attest to the fact that it most certainly isn't. I'm sure she wrote that with her tongue firmly in her cheek though...however it's always easy to justify something as being healthy when it has oats, fruit and a vegetable in it. In fact come to think about it, maybe I'll forget about all the butter, the sugar, the coconut and the cream cheese icing myself and go with Mrs Cake's interpretation of what is healthy. It might mean that I could have an extra big slice know, just for health's sake and all!

This cake is very easy to make. I did find that the top layer with the coconut topping didn't cook as well and I'm hoping it is baked through as the topping seemed to slow the baking process down for that cake. It's also a bit fragile. I left mine to cool in the tin before taking it out but the top cake still broke a little when I lifted it to put it on top of the iced bottom layer. Never to mind it will still be yummy and I think it looks pretty good too. If you want the recipe visit Mrs Cake's blog and find it here. Her blog is a great one to have a look through too and to make it even better she's a Kiwi. 

Here's to a frantic night shift with lots of babies...but also lots of cake and cups of tea!

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  1. It looks great, Megan! I want to make it all over again because you're reminding me how delicious it is. ;-) Hope you enjoyed eating it as much as we did!