Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baking with Harry

When Harry was sick this week one of the books he dug out of his bookshelf was this one. He has always been a keen 'cook' and I remember getting this for him as it was about some stuffed toy animals who bake a cake for their friends birthday. At the back is a recipe for 'a very special cake'. It's one of those recipe that you KNOW is going to be pretty basic and really not at all special. BUT children being like they are, Harry was sure it would indeed be special so has been harping on at me to make. Because this term is so busy with Harry having ballet twice a week as well as practice at home every night for his Grade 1 ballet exams, as well as piano and swimming, not to mention all the other needs of both boys, family, home and work that need to be met, I knew I would have to squeeze in some time to make it with him. Unfortunately the camera battery ran out which is why there is a lack of photos of the actual process. 

So after school yesterday I stuck to my promise and after ballet and piano practice we finally made this cake. It involved a lot of beating with the hand beater which was great for Harry as he loves getting stuck in with that piece of kitchen equipment. He also loved licking the bowl so I think between the beating and the licking, he was more than happy. As you can see the cake is really anything but 'special' and is currently in the freezer as they forgot to take it with them when they went to their dads house last night. 

Weighing out the ingredients...good chance for some maths practice

Armed with the beater

Getting ready to lick the bowl

Yet a different pose

'A Very Special Cake'


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  2. Hi mum i remember that book! Byby