Monday, May 9, 2011

Russian Fudge

I have never really been much of a sweet making person. I'm sure though, that once I invest in a candy thermometer which doesn't break when it is put into the hot mixture as my first one did, that I might well change that. From all accounts Russian fudge seems to be one of those things that is quite difficult to make. However it would have to be my most favourite fudge to eat as well as my family's, which was why I made it for Mother's Day when the family were here fore lunch. I often go onto the Foodlovers website to check out the recipes and the forums. In fact I couldn't help but buy the cookbook Helen Jackson has written for a Mother's Day present to myself. Anyway there is a recipe on the site for Marys Russian Fudge which Helen had said was easy to make and tasted good too. Well I had to give it a go. I think I beat my fudge for too long as although it tasted great it broke up when I cut it into squares. If anyone knows why it might have done that I would love to know. Anyway you can find the recipe here.

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