Saturday, May 14, 2011

Petal Cupcakes

Isn't this packaging a little French bag

Clockwise from bottom left... Golden Syrup, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, Red Velvet

The other week I bought a voucher off cudo for four Petal cupcakes for only $10 (that's half price), so yesterday I went off to cash in the voucher at the new site in Ponsonby which is in the new Witchery store. Unfortunately I HAD to have a look in Witchery and especially at their childrens clothes which are just amazing. Now I'll HAVE to go back and all the fault of these cupcakes! 

Now to the actual cupcakes. An Auckland chef called Laurel Watson started this business initially in Newmarket. One of the things I bake a lot of is cupcakes so I have never really felt the inclination to go and buy more. But this voucher was the perfect opportunity to try them out for a reasonable price.  One of the things I was interested in trying was a fruit one as she uses concentrated freeze dried fruit powders to get the flavour into the cupcake and icing. I really wish I could get me hands on some of those! The flavours I chose were Raspberry, Red Velvet, Milk Chocolate and gluten free Golden Syrup for Dons. I have to say the highlight was the Raspberry one with the most delicious icing full of flavour. The second favourite was the Red Velvet followed by the milk Chocolate (probably a bit too sweet...even for me). Dons said the Golden Syrup one was far too sweet for her (but then again she is not much of a sweet tooth). 

The texture of the cake itself was fantastic and the icing beautiful, light and buttery...sublime. I would probably go with the fruit ones for my next sample though as, to me, that is what the point of difference is with these cupcakes. Most importantly you can tell they have been made with quality ingredients and you can this in the flavour of the cake and of the rubbish in these cupcakes!

If you want to treat yourself, or even buy someone a lovely little cupcake present (you can see how beautifully they are packaged up which does make them the most perfect little gift), you can look at the website here. 

Finally here are a couple of photos of the cupcake flowers my friend Leon made for sweet!


  1. Yes Petal cupcakes are fabulous! You can get the freeze dried powder from the NZ comapny Fresh as - I think they still just do foodservice packs of the fruit variants but I contacted them direct and they supplied me. The strawberry is amazing. Good luck!

  2. Thanks a lot Becs. I have just emailed them.