Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Does the Westmere Kids Try (Triathalon)

Today was a very proud day for us as Harry completed his very first Tryathalon. This was the schools inaugural 'Westmere Kids Try' which was held for both a school community get together but primarily as a fun way to raise money for the new hall. It was such a wonderful event. Unfortunately even though we have been having glorious weather, this weekend chose to be a bit rough and ready with showers and wind so we were a bit dubious that it would even go ahead as we looked out of the window this morning to torrential rain. However the forecast was for showers clearing so the event went ahead. It was a little bit miserable when we arrived but the showers cleared and the wind wasn't too bad and we even got a bit of sun in the later half of the morning. For the little ones the tryathalon started with a 500 m run, followed by a 1 km bike ride, then a 50 m water slide. Parents could enter in for the team event which meant they could do the run and the child do the bike ride and water slide, but as I don't think I could run 100 m let alone 1 km, Harry went into it in the individual section... luckily for me he didn't even consider the team event!

He was incredible and ran the whole 500 m without stopping. The bike ride was always going to be a bit hairy as he isn't that confident on his bike so a lovely teacher (Anne) from the school went around with him. As the grass was wet from the rain, it was just as well as I think he would have ended up walking by his bike and dragging along. But he was determined to not have to get off his bike at all so he plugged on and stayed riding the whole way with the teachers help. Most of the little kids ran on the water slide not realising they could run then slide so it was quite cute. The most amazing thing was Harry's determination to finish it and give it a go. The whole spirit of the event was to participate so there were no prizes for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place so it really took the element of competing out of the mix which I think added to the great vibe of the event. So all in all a great morning despite the dodgy weather. Here are some photos:

Talking to Alison Roe a well known NZ champion athlete

Doing the wheel to win a prize- he got a flashing yo yo

With his friend from school

The (lovely) Principal talking about the rules

Going to the start line...they staggered the kids

Finishing the run and walking to his bike

The lovely teacher who was waiting to help him
On the bike ride

Finishing the water slide...which he ran down...

End of the race

With the goodie bag

Bunny face paint

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