Thursday, November 11, 2010

FFwD- Potato Gratin

For this weeks FFwD, (which I am posting on Thursday due to the fact that I am working a 13 hour day tomorrow), I chose Potato Gratin also know as Potato Dauphinois. It was very easy to make and involved heating some cream (well in my case lite cream and milk) with some garlic, thinly slicing potatoes, sprinkling over a bit of salt and pepper and rosemary, pouring over the cream, then topping it all off with some cheese before baking it. Very easy for a lovely result. Unfortunately for me I used the lite cream which I think made it a bit watery. Even though it tasted lovely, it just lacked that delicious creaminess and 'treat'factor. Regardless this is a make long as it's made with normal cream.

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