Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guy Fawkes with the Boys

This year we did Guy Fawkes the day before as I was about to start three nightshifts and the boys were going to be at their dads house. Reuben, being that much older, is really into the bigger fireworks but Harry being that much younger still finds those ones a little scary so prefers the sparklers. The night itself was a bit drizzly but it didn't deter them at all. My camera battery is running quite low so I had to quite selective with my photos....actually I took what I could when I could! Harry had his cousin Beau over for the night but aside from the sparklers he spent the night in the lounge where he could see the fireworks from behind the glass in safety. The photos aren't the best quality but I'll blame it on the camera....

Harry a bit frightened

Reubs with his favourite 'cascade' firework

Beau inside

Reubs looking after Harry

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