Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Visit with the Puppies

Yesterday we went to my friend Andrea's (and now proud 'Grandmother') house to see the babies/puppies. The boys were really keen to see them and they are so GORGEOUS! I thought they might start harassing me to get another dog but instead I think they are going to turn their attentions to their dad and good luck big boys at getting away with not getting a puppy!!! We had a lovely afternoon tea of homemade Louise Slice and Chocolate Chip biscuits and Annie and I had to partake in a wee afternoon tipple of passionfruit vodka and syrup with soda water....well what can I say, it's school holidays so have some pity on us....!

I can't resist putting some more photos on of the babies so anyone who feels tempted please call me so I can arrange a viewing and cuddle. I tell you they are so lovely and smell just like little babies that they are. Even though I'm also a proud Aunt to them I'm happy to hand them back so clearly I am NOT in the market for another one.

the Archie lookalike

all the babies

the enormous girl

the other girl fast asleep on Harry

the Archie double with her eyes open

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