Friday, October 22, 2010

FFwD- Hachis Parmentier

This weeks FFwD was a dish called Hachis Parmentier. At first glance I was thrilled to be making this as I love cottage pie and this is essentially the French version of that. However once I reread the recipe I was a bit...ok a lot more dubious about it. I decided to continue on with the recipe as I already had the ingredients so thought if it all went terribly wrong, I could at least rustle up something else to eat. As well I have been surprised by Dorie's recipes before and thought they will not taste and they have been fantastic so I just put the faith in Dorie and hope this was one of those times. I have to admit that right up to the very end I was convinced we weren't having this for dinner.... Well I was wrong! It was actually pretty tasty and we all ate it for dinner so there was no need for any alternative. I did it the long way and I think that for a long-in-the-making dish I don't know if it was worth the effort as you essentially make a beef stock then chop all the meat up before cooking it with sausages and a tiny bit of tomato paste.

Does this look unappetising or what!
I actually thought it would be the boys who would like it the least but in fact they gobbled it up quite willingly with some fresh bread. I also enjoyed it and was relieved to no have to find something else to make. Actually I have to say the real star of the dish was the potato mash and cheese on top! So all up a pleasant surprise with this recipe. See what the others thought of it here.


  1. Sadly, I'm not a fan of this dish... even as a kid. But, your cheesy potatoes look great! :)

  2. I think your Hachis Pamentier looks so pretty. My boys are grown but they loved it too. You can't go wrong with meat and potatoes at my house. I agree that it all was a bit time consuming and the flavor that you get from making your own beef broth wasn't worth the time spent (to me). Next time I'll use the good ol' carton of stock and save some time. However, loved your post and your kids are adorable. I saw them on the later posts.

  3. My favorite part was the potatoes and cheese, but I liked the filling quite a bit, too. Yours looks gorgeous!

  4. Yours browned so beautifully! I was going to put mine under the broiler for a few seconds, but then hunger got the best of us.