Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day Trip with Harry to the Sky Tower

Today Harry and I went on a trip to the Sky Tower. Reuben wasn't keen to come preferring to stay home with the PS3 and to also have some time with his grandmother just hanging out. Harry has been desperate to go to the Sky Tower so we decided to make a whole day of it. First we caught the bus in which was exciting just on it's own.

 Once we arrived at Sky City (a big complex with the tower, casino, restaurants, hotels etc Harry was almost speechless at how huge the tower actually was especially as he has only ever seen it from a distance (as it is pretty much visible from anywhere in Auckland). The entrance also proved to be very exciting especially the huge Maori carving and the water flowing over glass.

The trip up in the elevator was pretty quick but thrilling for Harry as you can see how high up it's climbing. Once we got up there the views were just beautiful especially as it was such a gorgeous Spring day here in Auckland. The harbour looked incredible and I couldn't help but think, (and say to Harry), just how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country of ours. We might whinge and whine about it sometimes but it is a truly wonderful place to live and to bring up children in. I think these photos might just prove my point.

They were running school holiday specials so Harry got to design a t-shirt and he got a free photo too. It was a great idea but they really needed to replenish stocks more frequently. However Harry really enjoyed well as the ice block in the cafe!

After we got back Harry posed in his t-shirt as it was so hot to wear anything else!

It was a lovely day and some lovely time to spend with my baby.

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