Friday, October 15, 2010

FFwD- Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

As I have been a little behind on the eight ball with the whole blogging thing, I missed out on joining the Tuesdays With Dorie baking group as it has now closed. Therefore when I found out there was another group starting up but this time with her new French cookbook I thought I would give it a go. Luckily she gave us the first 5 recipes as I am still waiting for my book to arrive. The thing that really swayed me to give the group a go was this soup. I normally detest soup. I never ever choose it when I go out and if I make a big pot for the family I very rarely eat it. BUT the exception to this rule are the Asian style soups but only ones with body (usually noodles). Therefore this recipe really appealed to me.

Taking a look at the ingredients you know this will taste good and as I love love love fresh mint and coriander I was sold....almost. I have to admit I did have a moment of wondering if it might be just a bit too simple. I know some people are hard to please....! The soup is basically chicken stock (I just used good old Campbell's), coconut milk, poached chicken, noodles (rice noodles in my case) and some spices and fresh herbs. When you start making it you wonder if it will taste ok as it does look a little insipid as you can see in this photo.

But it all comes together and even though it looks curdled at times I listened to Dorie and just stirred and it so it looked normal again. I elected to make the standard one in her book without the curry powder and lemongrass but I think I would give this a go next there will be a next time. I found the soup to be light, tasty, filling and I almost felt virtuous after eating it. I would also recommend using the condiments she suggests. Surprisingly the hoisin sauce was really fantastic in the soup.

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  1. Rice noodles sure make ur soup hearty and delish and i love how the green pops!!
    Loved the soup,i sure did!
    YAY for FFwD!!

  2. Loved at our house, too. I opted to add curry paste from my fridge, which gave it a zing we loved here...just wish I'd picked up the lemon grass I was eying in the store that day! Didn't necessarily miss it, but it would have been a great addition.