Sunday, October 31, 2010

Freaky Friday Disco for Halloween

On Friday night Harry has his school's Freaky Friday Disco. Tickets were like gold and sold out within a day. It was honestly like trying to get a ticket for the Rolling Stones or Madonna as was the stress that went along with it. I knew Harry would have been bitterly disappointed if I had missed out, (like I did for the Matariki Disco), so I was hellbent in making sure that didn't happen again. The disco was fantastic...rather overwhelming for the little ones but they had a great time. It's a big school fundraiser so there were all sorts of stalls and things to do. Our class was fortunate as we were in charge of the bar so us parents all took a shift to work on it. It was a good job to have and of course we did a roaring trade! Harry and his friends, once they got used to the throng of people, boogied the night away... until 8.30 when it ended anyway. So here are some photos of the night...

Looking scary

Getting into character

A very excited Harry and Maisie

With faces painted

Working hard on the bar

Harry and friends

Having a boogie

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