Friday, October 28, 2011

Key Lime Pie

Harry with Bobby

In the tin
Last night was my step-fathers birthday dinner. He is from the Southern part of the USA so I wanted to make a dinner with that sort of influence. For dessert I remembered him telling me ages ago that Key Lime Pie was his favourite so I knew I had to make that for dessert. Having never made this before I really had no idea what it should have looked and tasted like. We don't get key limes here so I had to use normal limes (which are horrendously expensive at the moment). As well as that we don't have graham crackers here so I had to use wholemeal digestive biscuits which apparently are quite similar to them. This was a really easy recipe to make and I have to say it tasted pretty good too. While I would have liked to pipe the whipped cream on top so it looked pretty I ran out of time so it just spread on. Excuse the photos too but I didn't have time to zhoosh the pie up so had to quickly snap a couple as best I could. This pie is so good. I would really recommend it. Bobby said it tasted just like it should which was music to my ears!

If you want the recipe go here.

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