Wednesday, October 12, 2011


For ages now I have been wanting to make croissants. They are time-intensive so I set aside the first morning of the school holidays to make them for the boys lunch. There are loads of recipes out there but the one I ended up using was the Alison Holst one from "The New Zealand Bread Book". Alison Holst is really the Grand Dame of cooking in New Zealand...a bit like the Kiwi Delia Smith, Margaret Fulton or Julia Childs. Her recipes almost always work and her instructions fantastic. I knew I could have found a more traditional recipe for croissants in one of my many, many cookbooks but I liked the fact that this one had 150g butter in it as opposed to 300-500g which even though I know, is an important part of the flavour, it just seems a little too indulgent. The croissants tasted really good. I know I should have rolled the dough a bit thinner but I was surprised at how 'proper' they tasted especially once they cooled down. I won't be posting this recipe as the method is pretty long but I'm sure you can find one online, if not the Alison Holst one itself. If you want to try something a little different in the kitchen, give croissants a go.

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