Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harry's Halloween Disco

All dressed up and ready to go

With Mama

Doing the Spagetti---yuk!

Busting out the moves

Halloween for Harry is is the form of a disco at school. He was really excited about dressing up and getting to play some goulish and gross games then getting to have a good boogie. Unfortunately this year the school decided to split the disco into 2 separate parts for the junior and senior schools therefore making it more accessible for all the kids. While it did mean they could sell more tickets and therefore more children could go, a whole 1 1/4 hours was just not enough time for the kids to have a look around, play some games, settle in with friends, then relax and have a good dance. In fact Dons said they all started really getting into it for the last 10 minutes or so before they had to leave which was a bit disappointing. Regardless Harry got to dress up and enjoy himself for a little bit but we are hoping that next year they will go back to it being a whole 3 hours.

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