Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black Forest Brownies

Tonight is my Texan step father's birthday and he and my mum (and my dad) are coming here for dinner. I needed to have something that was easy to make as I have to get the boys from school and Harry has piano afterwards meaning we will be later home than usual. As well as that I wanted something with an American vibe so finally settled on Pulled Pork which has a spiced rub all over it and is cooked in the crockpot. It's meant to be mixed into some BBQ sauce and you have it on rolls but I'll see how it goes once it's cooked. I have also made a potato salad and a coleslaw to have with it as it seems like it's more of a BBQ/summer kind of dish. For dessert I have made Bobby's favourite (well at least I think it is), of Key Lime Pie. I'll post about this later. I also wanted to have a 'back up' sweet thing in case the pie is no good so whipped these decadent babies up last night. 

I first saw this recipe on a Kiwi blog I really like called Baking Makes Things Better. What appealed the most was that it used an entire block of Cadbury's Black forest chocolate. Now I went off Cadbury's chocolate when the whole palm sugar/recipe change fiasco happened and straight onto Whittaker's, but I have to say this Black Forest flavour rather rocks my boat...even now! I think it's those little chewy jelly bits which does it the most for me. So the idea of a dense and rich brownie using these flavours sounded pretty good to me. This recipe did NOT disappoint. The end result is a rich, fudgy and delicious brownie which is very easy to make and I know everyone will like it tonight.

If you want to make it here is the link to the recipe.

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  1. Thanks for the mention and the link.
    Glad you liked the brownie and our site. Your brownie looks amazing!

    Melissa from xoxox