Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad-Am and Dylan!

Dad and Dylan 

Banana cake whipped up at the last minute

Todd and Dylan

Dons and Pup

Jake and Todd
Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to Dad and Dylan. On Friday it was my lovely Dad's birthday which we celebrated by having a family dinner. I actually made Dad the amazing cheesecake I made for Reuben's birthday except this time I got the oven settings right so it looked much better on top. If you ever want to make a cheesecake, make this one. I mean lets be honest cheesecake is NOT a low fat option so why not the whole hog (pun intended) and make this one. It is so fluffy and creamy and totally divine so well worth the caloric indulgence. 

Anyway on the actual day of the dinner I found that it was Dylan's 9th birthday the next day. Dylan is my sister's partner Todd's little boy and he is a real darling. So at the last minute I whipped up a banana cake which is his favourite. I made a yummy chocolate buttercream icing and quickly decorated it in the last 5 minutes before they arrived. Dylan was really happy with it as he hadn't expected it all...and besides what kid doesn't like having a birthday cake and having people sing Happy Birthday to them.

Happy birthday Dylan and Dad xxxxxxx

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