Friday, September 2, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes....

For Cee-cee and Abbie's 5th birthday

For after Emily's funeral

Today I have been quite lucky that my hands and elbow joints have not felt too sore (yes the joint pain continues...), as I have had to bake quite a bit for tomorrow. The top two photos are the chocolate cupcakes I made for my twin nieces Cee-cee (Elise) and Abbie who turned 5 years old yesterday. I made a plain vanilla buttercream coloured bright pink on top of one of my favourite chocolate cupcake recipes. They look very pretty and I think the girls will love them. All up I have baked 60 medium sized cupcakes and 36 mini cupcakes so I am well over the smell of baking and the taste of buttercream!

The rest of the photos are the cupcakes I made to take to Emily's funeral tomorrow. The photos don't really do them much justice as the flowers on top look more vibrant against the rich chocolate buttercream icing. I have discovered a new wonderfully dark and rich cocoa powder. The flavour is delicious and it is a lot like the expensive Valrhona cocoa which costs a small fortune. The brand is..... Homebrand!!! Sometimes the most expensive isn't necessarily the best or only option when you want quality. I had planned to make a vibrant pink icing but as I had made the flowers earlier, I thought they would get lost in the colour. Emily was a stand-out girl so it made no sense to have wallflower-flowers!

This will be a short post but I want to end it by wishing for Emily peace, love and a wonderful journey ahead of her. May she rock the afterlife and find peace, serenity and happiness there xxxxx

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  1. Beau knows who makes the best cupcakes... and its not me LOL. Awesome Megan xx