Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Custard Squares

This is a quick post and not one with a recipe. I made these when my friend Michele (also known as Moishy), came over during the school holidays. While they looked lovely and tasted pretty good, next time I will make the custard more sweet. While I thought the custard was sweet when I made it, I underestimated how much sweetness would be lost while it cooled in the fridge. The custard square is a very Kiwi coffee-lounge staple. They are pretty easy to make and basically involve baking the puff pastry (which you have to prick all over to stop it from puffing up), until it's a nice brown. Then you make a thick custard to spread over the pastry. I made my custard with Edmonds custard powder as this is the flavour I love in a good custard square, but remember to add more sugar than you think you will need. Top with the other pastry sheet, put into the fridge to, then ice with a vanilla icing. Easy, and delicious!

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