Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Play Date With Daisy

Archie's sister Daisy

Daisy and Archie


Michelle with the babies

Bit tired

Both having a rest

Archie with a smile on his face

And Daisy with a smile on her's
As a pre-warning this is a post for those of those who can appreciate a few doggy photos...back to the baking next!

Today my friend Luanne from work brought her baby Daisy over for a play with Archie (a play-date). Daisy is Archie's sister...well she was their parents last litter and Archie was from the first. His was an unwanted teenage pregnancy and Daisy was my friend Andrea's second of inattention which resulted in 7 puppies! I managed to convince Luanne to get one of the puppies as I knew what lovely dogs they were and how beneficial it could be to have one as a member of the household. She doesn't regret it as I knew she wouldn't! As you can see she is a real beauty...although not quite as beautiful as my own baby Archie. Anyway they played hard out, after the obligatory sniff of the bits, with daisy taking Archie's teddy's and running around with them much to his amazement and indignation (even though he DID share his toys). 

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