Monday, July 4, 2011

Harry's Treat...A Day at Rainbows End

On the Gold Rush

Waiting for the Log Flume Ride

Coming down

That's Me, Hollie and Harry in the orange car

With Mama/Aunty Don

Reubs, Big Harry and Hollie on the Invader 

Part of the Invader ride...can't believe Holls did it!

Part of the acrobat show...this was to show these terrible costumes...

The smallest one...he was pretty amazing

Harry and Holls totally awed

On the little Dragon Coaster

Playing the overpriced clown game

Candy floss break

Holls and Harry on the Log Flume all by themselves

Fast asleep after a huge fun day clutching the teddy he won on a game
Yesterday we made the trek to Rainbow's End for Harry's big treat which he earned by practicing so hard for his ballet exam. He was allowed to take someone so he asked his Cousin Hollie to come. Reubs also brought a friend (big Harry), which explains the lack of photos of him as they were off and out and about for the whole time doing their own thing. We were lucky because even though it was cold, the day was nice and sunny so everything was open and working. At first the queues were small but by lunchtime they had grown somewhat meaning it took longer to get onto a ride. The little ones didn't mind though and pretty much managed to do everything they could making the most of the treat. Hollie is a total daredevil and will do everything, including this vomity-looking ride called the Invader (which the bigger boys took her on). I thought Harry would be quite conservative but as it turns out once he makes his mind up to try something, he just goes for it. We did the Rollercoaster twice in a row to my surprise but even Harry drew the line at the Invader ride! 

We stopped for lunch and to watch the acrobat show, which they loved and I have to say that the acrobat boys in particular were pretty amazing. Some of the outfits were pretty bad though (as you can see  by the photo above....very 80's fluoro!). Then we did some more rides, had the obligatory candy floss break, followed by more rides again. Harry wasn't so keen on the bumper boats as he found it hard to control the boat but Cousin Holls just went for it...amazing that girl is! Then we played some games in the arcade and to Harry's delight he won a teddy bear on one of those grabbing games. He was so really was the perfect end to a wonderful day. As you can see in the last photo he was pretty tired that night after a full day and a full weekend filled up with Walking With Dinosaurs, ballet, a birthday party, a sleep over and the day with Cousin Holls. 

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