Friday, July 1, 2011

Harry's First Grade Ballet Exam

Straight after the exam on a high
Having his hair done

Just before a getting butterflies

Hair done

With Mummy and Mama

The whole Grade 1 class- Pearl, Hanae, Harry, Maddy and Ivy posing in Bra bas 

With one of their lovely teachers Kate

With Helen- the owner of Rhythm n Steps dance Academy, and an amazing teacher

Celebrating at a cafe afterwards- actually patting ourselves on the back while indulging in a nice galsss of well-deserved wine
One of the reasons there has been little movement on my blog in the last couple of weeks is because Harry has been on the home stretch for sitting his Grade 1 ballet exam. Therefore our house has been one focused on ballet practices and trying to avoid sickness for what feels like forever. Sickness has, however, been unavoidable with all of us having our sick moments but luckily we managed to keep Harry well for the actual day even after he was threatened with a cold only a few days beforehand. After all the work he has put into practicing for this exam it would have been a disaster if he was sick for it. And work he has! Harry has practiced every single day for the last 7 weeks which I think is amazing for a 6 1/2 year old. I hate to say it but Dons and I are well on our way to becoming 'ballet mums'...apparently it's unavoidable....

On the morning of the exam we had one final run through of his 2 boy-dances and that was it...from there on in it was up to him. He did have butterflies beforehand but afterwards they were all buzzing and all said it was the "best ballet day ever!". I'm sure he will pass but we don't get the results back for 6 weeks as they have to go to England to be collated and made official then they get sent back here. So it's a long wait! 

This weekend if the weather stays nice and sunny, we are off to Rainbows End for a day of fun. Harry was allowed to choose a big treat for after the exam as an incentive to practice (not that he has needed the incentive as he is very driven when it comes to ballet), and this was what he chose. He deserves every single bit of it!

Well done our little Pup, you are an inspiration and we are SO proud of you xxxx

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