Friday, April 22, 2011

Triple Chocolate Brownies for Birthday Boy Russell

The other day was Harry and Reuben's other dad, Russell's birthday. I wanted to give him some homemade treats along with his present so managed to make these yesterday as they are coming today to pick Harry up for the weekend as I am working. Russell is a big, (and I mean BIG), cereal eater so Granola was definitely on the cards. I used this recipe which is a real favourite of mine as it uses apple sauce instead of a huge amount of butter and oil. As well as that it is Easter time so something chocolate was a must too. I finally settled on these triple chocolate brownies from the April 2011 Australian Good Food magazine which I have subscribed to since I discovered it on my last trip to Australia. Not only are they ridiculously easy to make but they taste fantastic. They will from now on, be my 'go-to' brownie recipe. I'm not a big fan of nuts in brownies (not that I wouldn't eat a brownie with nuts in though), and these are just pure chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Of course I have given pretty much all of them to Russ BUT I confess to saving a few for myself...hell be dammed Weight Watchers!!! Anyway as it is Easter and therefore a time to celebrate anything chocolate, all diet bets are off. Hmmm I figure I might regret that next week but for now I'm living wild.... and you can too if you make these decadent delights.

Triple Chocolate Brownies

125g butter
200g dark chocolate, chopped
1/2c caster sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 1/4c flour
180g white chocolate, chopped (I use chocolate drops)
100g milk chocolate, chopped (again I use chocolate drops

Oven to 180 C. Grease and line the base of a 20cm square cake pan or something similar.

Melt the butter and dark chocolate together in a pot over a low heat. Cool about 10 mins.

Stir in the eggs and flour followed by the 2 chocolates. Spoon into the tin and bake 20-25 mins until firmish to the touch (don't overcook).

Cut when cool and try your hardest not to eat them all.

Packaged up without the labels on

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