Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Morning With Mama

Harry's homemade computer

Self taken photo of the 2 culprits

Cooking god-knows-what

Harry really looks forward to a morning with Mama without me being around to cramp his style. He usually starts asking me when I will be leaving as soon as I wake up which gets my suspicions aroused immediately That is how I know there is some trouble going to happen in my kitchen...and there is! Harry knows he can get mama to do pretty much anything...not that she would admit that to anyone. I normally come home to a semi-cleaned kitchen and something odd and usually inedible lurking either in the fridge or on the bench. Sometimes I come home to a 'picnic' or a 'party' with all sorts of 'treats' for me to try (I believe it's called grin-and-bear-it). When I was putting the photos from my camera onto the computer for my previous blog entry, this 'evidence' came to light as to what they got up the other morning when I wasn't here. First there was the making of the computer from all sorts of treasures Harry had brought back from his Dad and Russ's house, obviously followed by cooking up some sort of ?custard dish...who knows as it was either eaten up or thrown away before I got back. As you can see Harry is still in his pyjama's (one of the joys of being on school holidays) and loving every minute of his 'pup and mama time'.

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