Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salted Caramel Sauce

I have just realised how many photos I have off things I have yet to blog about....I think I have been a little bit slack for the last few months! So I'm going to try to hammer these out over the next few days. It's a pity because while I know where some of the photos have come from, I can't remember where I got the recipe from. So frustrating but my own fault. Anyway the dialogue will be short and sweet so I can get onto all these posts. 

For those caramel lovers out there you will either love me or hate me for posting this recipe because this is AMAZING!!! I have some fleur de sel salt sitting in my fridge from when I made salted caramels ages ago. This is the perfect salt for this kind of caramel. Whatever you do DO NOT use table salt! It will taste awful. I found my fleur de sel salt at the French cafe Pyrenees in Mt Albert so if you have trouble sourcing it try there. The best thing about this caramel is what you can use it for. So far I have used it as a topping on a plain cheesecake, as a hot caramel sauce on ice cream and to sneak spoonfuls of when no one is looking. As it is stored in the fridge it thickens up so I think it would be perfect as a cupcake filling. Yum yum yum!!!! 

You can find the recipe here.

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