Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baking for Simon- Strawberry Cupcakes Part 2

This was the second flavour I made. I have had a few packets of that amazing Fresh As Freeze Dried Fruit powders in my cupboard for awhile so thought I really should use some of them up. As I had the most of the strawberry one this was the flavour I went with. These powders are phenomenal. The flavour hit is intense and it's nice knowing the flavour and colour is totally natural. I made a recipe I saw on Julie Le Clerc's new tv program called Cafe Secrets. She made passionfuit cupcakes with raspberry icing and called them Tutti Fruity Cupcakes. I just followed the recipe for the cupcake part and made up the icing so it had butter, cream cheese, fruit powder (you need a fair bit to get the flavour intensity you want), a bit of vanilla and some milk to get it to the consistency you want. You can find the recipe for the cupcakes here. These cupcakes seem to taste better today than they did yesterday but maybe that's because I was so sugared out my tastebuds were sugar-overwhelmed. You could use any flavour you want from the range- plum or passionfruit would be nice....

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