Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harry Turns 7!!!

Harry's last night of being 6...he slept with me just as he had 7 years ago...and kicked me all night just as had 7 years ago too!

Dons and Harry

With his PSP which he was desperate for

Mummy and Pup

With his cake...banana with cream cheese frosting as requested

Me, Pup, George, Russell and Dons

At ballet

Loving it

At dinner
 Our little baby turned 7 on the 17th December. Although we had celebrated with his friends the weekend before with a big disco, the actual day was just as great and exciting...and very full. It started with George and Russ coming over for breakfast of Harry's favourite Pancakes, Bacon and Rockmelon. He was thrilled with the present he had been harping on about for months which was a PSP as well a couple of other bits and pieces. After breakfast we had his last ballet until next year as he was determined not to miss it because 'it's my thing Mummy'. Then we popped home for a half an hour and went onto his little friend Ruby's birthday party (Ruby turned 8 on the 16th December). After that we raced home and took him out for dinner at Star Thai in Ponsonby which was lovely. Needless to say we were all shattered by the time we got home after a drive to look at the Xmas lights. But Harry had a fantastic and full onto Christmas Day!!! If you are wondering where Reuben is in these photos, well you try getting a photo of a 14 year old is near to impossible!

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