Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chocolate and Cornflake Slice

The other day I wanted to relax a little in the kitchen and make something for the boys to have in their lunchboxes or to have for afternoon tea. I found this old classic and as I had some cornflakes sitting around in the cupboard, thought this would be perfect. My boys love anything chocolate so I knew this could work well. As well as that I love afghans and this is a lot like an afghan biscuit in slice form. You should make this. I did make my own buttercream for the top instead of following the recipe as I like the flavour of my icing.....a lot!

You can find the recipe here. Make sure while you're there to check out the Limoncello Cake. That is SO on my list of things to make especially as I have tons of Limoncellop just waiting to be used.

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