Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen

Homemade Mini Xmas Mince Pies

Cupcakes waiting for a home

Xmas Bark 

I know this is late in the posting but with the frantic rush and madness of Harry's birthday followed quickly by Christmas I just haven't had the time for posting anything. This year for the Xmas presents I gave to teachers like Harry's school teacher, the two lovely ballet teachers (Helen and Kate), as well as to my lovely friend and florist extraordinaire Leon, decorated cupcakes. I also made this delicious Xmas bark which is just dark melted chocolate left to cool and harden, topped with white melted chocolate and crushed candy cane sprinkled on top. It sounds and is simple to make but it is also really delicious for how easy it is to whip up. I think it also looks really pretty.

The cupcakes are one of my favourite recipes which you can find here. I made a lovely and buttery chocolate frosting and topped them with various decorations I made. I bought some cupcake boxes from one of my favourite online stores Kiwicakes where I have to be careful to regulate myself or else I would go mad and spend a small fortune. I thought they turned out pretty well.

I also posted a photo of my homemade Christmas Mince Pie's which are delicious too. I make the Xmas mince the year before so it can sit in the fridge and improve with age. The pastry is my favourite as it is nice and short and not too sweet. You can find the recipe for these here. 

I will post some more photos of the yummy things I made for Christmas shortly.

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