Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gluten Free Sponge Cake

So the day after the family get together was Dons' actual birthday. When I had asked her what sort of cake she wanted I knew what the answer would it is every year. It was to be a gluten free sponge cake with cream and strawberries in the middle. As it is winter here strawberries are not readily available. However you can get some very expensive (both in price and air miles), strawberries from the USA so I went in search of some of them for the requested cake. Luckily I only had to go to two places before I found some that looked halfway decent.

I found the recipe on a GF website and it actually made two very nice looking and high sponges. I never seem to have trouble making a sponge cake so maybe I have the 'touch' for them as I know some people have trouble getting them to rise and stay risen, (although the addition of baking powder certainly helps!). As it was made with cornflour, I thought it didn't taste as good as a 'normal' sponge, but Dons loved it. I made the whipped cream with some icing sugar and a bit of vanilla so it had a lovely slightly sweet taste to it which complemented the sponge and strawberries beautifully. I love strawberries with icing sugar anyway so this was bound to work and make them taste even nicer. I have to say it was nice to have a bit of summer in the middle of winter too and the strawberries themselves tasted pretty good.

I had a small piece of cake and Harry picked all the strawberries out of his so it ended up that Dons pretty much ate the whole lot by herself over a couple of days...I guess you get to do that on the day you born! Happy birthday darling Dons xxx

Gluten Free Sponge Cake

3/4c Cornflour
1tsp Baking Powder
3 Free Range Eggs
Pinch of Salt
1/2c Sugar

Pre-heat oven to 180 C. Grease and line 2 x 20cm sandwich tins. Sift the cornflour & baking powder together a couple fo times. Separate whites from yolks of eggs. Beat whites with salt until frothy. Add yolks and beat until quite pale. Gradually beat in sugar until mixture is stiffish. Fold in sifted cornflour & baking powder being careful to not overmix and mix all the air out. Put into prepared tins & bake for 20 mins. Remove from the tins after 10mins or so.

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  1. from memory blogger/google only lets you have so many photos for free, I think you have to pay about $6 a year for unlimited photos but last time this happened it came up with that message when I tried to post. Might have to try the custard cake for Ang, she is a big custard girl