Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cupcakes for Emily

Tonight is the fundraiser for our lovely friend Caroline whose daughter Emily was taken from her a few months ago. Some of the girls from work have been doing some fantastic things to raise money for Caroline to use for whatever she needs to give her a little help during this terrible time. Adelle initiated and made up an amazing hamper from things people brought in and raised a fair chunk of money. Luanne, Meredith and Tamara have all organised tonights event which is a movie night. Lots of people who couldn't make it to the evening have donated money and those of us going are making nibbles and food to have before the movie with a glass of wine. These cupcakes are my contribution.

Even though I never met Emily I feel like she is a part of our family as over the years I have worked with Caroline (or Blondie as I know her), we have talked a lot about each others families. Therefore I feel like I knew Emily pretty well. Caroline was and is an amazing mother. Any child lucky enough to have a mother like her is indeed, a very fortunate child. That girl was so loved!!! 

When I think about what Emily is like and from what I have heard about her, I think glamour, striking, sparkling and above all fun! I know it is pretty much impossible to put these into a cupcake but in my post night duty haze, I think these will suffice enough. They are my most favourite rich and delicious chocolate cupcakes (the ones I make all the time for the Crabapple Bakery Cookbook), with a nutella and chocolate filling and a simple, but yummy, chocolate buttercream on top. I wanted to keep the cupcake and icing all one colour to let the glittery hearts shine as Emily did. The hearts are a slightly offbeat shape, as Emily was her own person who conformed only to herself, and the colours are a vibrant pink and pure, glittery white. Although I could have gone way over the top with these, I wanted to keep them classic yet fun....which is how I see Emily.

To all the girls who have organised all these wonderful fundraising things....thanks. You are all amazing.

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