Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catch up from last weekend

This is a mostly photograph postings from last weekend. After finishing night shift on Saturday morning, I spent the day milling around the house getting some energy up for the afternoon/night events. My friend Kym, who I have known since I was 18 years old, came home from Melbourne for his birthday. It's hard to believe he is 61 as he still has the good looks and amazing zest for life he always had. Kym is an incredibly creative person who is well known for all the photos he takes. He has an amazing eye and can make the everyday mundane things and turn them into something truly beautiful and interesting to see. Kym's parties were legendary for the homemade and meticulous themes, decorations, invitations and accompanying badges and show. Everything was perfect and those parties were something I really remember from that time of my life. This time the theme was hair extravaganza and although I couldn't do my hair as we were off to Bec's hens night, there were some fabulous get ups. We missed some acts but my friend Michele sang some amazing songs with her 2 friends and then did a repeat for her burlesque act she had done a few nights before. Anyway we had a fantastic time so here are some photos from that night...

the cupcakes I made
Michele looking fab
Mary still looking lovely
Michele, Me, Vanessa
Michele, Me and Kym
Michele doing her songs
Me and Suzy
Kym's amazing photo board of all the hairdos over the years
Me, Kym and Dons
Michele and I
2 of the 3 lovely ladies
Michele's dance

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  1. great photos M, have a great birthday, and enjoy the wedding, luv R & G