Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Macaroon Cupcakes and Presents

Macaroon Cupcakes
This (and a few of my following posts) is a little late. Although I have been on annual leave for the two weeks leading up to Xmas, it has been SO busy with the end of year bits and pieces, Harry's birthday and Xmas looming (and that's not everything), that blogging is the last thing I have felt like doing or have had the time to do. So I have to do it in bursts like this so at least some things get a post before I forget where I got the recipe from or what I have made!

I made these for Harry's two dance teachers and for his lovely and amazing teacher at school. I love giving things that are homemade as I think so much more thought has to go into it as well as effort to make it. I kept the decorations pretty simple and indulged in my love for all this rainbow glitter of which I have an ever expanding range of colours. That stuff is AMAZING and can make something simple looks just that much more glamourous. I have now got a couple of different chocolate moulds which are so easy to use with white chocolate melts (no need to temper the chocolate!) then brushed with some lustre dust to give it some shine.

For the flavours I made a plain but rich chocolate with chocolate buttercream and a Macaroon with a Chocolate Ganache. The recipe was from my favourite cupcake cookbook called Miss Melicious Cupcakes and I highly recommend you purchasing it. Because she's a local girl and I like to support local business (especially ones like this), I won't post the recipe here but I could pm it to you if you want it. It's delicious cupcake and one which I will make again. But honestly, put this book on your Santa list and if you are really really good you might get it for Xmas.

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