Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cake for Rhythm 'n' Steps Ballet School

This is mostly a photo post now that the surprise Farewell Party has happened at Rhythm 'n' Steps for Jaimee and Julia. Both young women are amazing dancers and Jaimee has managed to get herself accepted to Melbourne's National Ballet School which is a huge commitment and only indicates her amazing talent. Julia is going back to South Africa but is a stunning dancer in her own right too. I was asked to make this cake so of course it had to have a ballet theme. Of course all I can see are my mistakes (where I went over the edges when I was painting the letters silver to name only one), however I think in the whole it turned out pretty well. The cake was my favourite and most-cooked chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream. The fondant is actually a dark purple (the colour of the school) and the tutu and ballet shoes made from gumpaste. All glitter etc is edible. Funny because to look at you don't see the hours of work that went into making it but trust me it took quite awhile to 'whip' up! It was a pity that I am in the middle of three night shifts so couldn't get to the surprise party but that's the lot of a shift worker....always missing out! So here goes the photos.....

Lactose free chocolate cupcakes (not easy to find a good recipe), however the ballet shoes on top are white chocolate with pink lustre dust......

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  1. Glittery gorgeousness. That dress is gorgeous. Love the layers.