Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Post by Harry my Lego

Hi  my name is harry and i am Megan's son and i am 8 years old.for Xmas I got this Lego from my Mummy and Mama and they said it was very expensive.Today we have spent the HOLE! day trying to build it. it took us about 3 hours to do. when we had finished it I thought to take some pictures and post them on here as a quest post. 

I loved Xmas day and i got heaps of presents and I had a very fun time we had a Xmas breakfast and a Xmas lunch my favorite thing was having the Xmas lunch.

Thanks for reading




  1. Hi Harry, we loved reading your guest post too! Say Happy New Year to everyone from us in England. Lots of love Julia and Biddy. Xx

  2. Hi Julia and Squid,
    Happy new year and apologies for terrible communication failings. There are good reasons, birthdays, 10th anniversary, xmas and New year all in two weeks!!We are getting holiday time on Jan 21st
    What have you been doing?