Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Night With The Girls

It started out pretty civilised...even with the frat-boy cups filled with Pimms

Katie and Stef

Group shot

Starting to descend after a few wines

Stef and Amy

Caroline (aka Blondie) and Shirley (aka Peachy)

Desserts....recipe to follow

The 'band'



Really jamming it now

So the other night some of the girls from work got together at Caroline's house for a pot luck dinner. It would have been Caroline's daughter Emily's, 18th birthday on Wednesday so we wanted to acknowledge that, show support to Blondie and have a birthday dinner in Emily's honour. Everyone had some animal print on as it was Emily's favourite and we all brought something yummy to share. It was a fantastic night filled with laughter and good times. It all started out very civilised in the courtyard but after a few Pimms and wines (only a couple of us didn't overindulge as we were the drivers), it quickly descended into hilarity and uncouthness. Amy actually skinned all her fingers pretending to play the ukulele and from what I hear most felt a little under the weather the next day. Poor old Tracey is in a moonboot after breaking her foot in a jandal-on-the-steps mishap so I think she was a bit sore the next day. Funny how wine can just take the pain away!
Anyway the recipe for the trifle will follow. Thanks for a fantastic night girls!

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