Friday, February 4, 2011

FFwD- Basque Potato Tortilla

Finally I am posting this FFwD on the right day! AND I am back on track with the recipes. This weeks pick was this tortilla. I have made this kind of thing many times in the past. A tortilla like this something you can serve as a light meal (we had our for dinner with a salad), or cut up and served as a tapa with drinks. The Italians make something similar but theirs is called a Fritatta. I have made both and to me both are as good as each other...although Italian fritatta's don't seem to have as much potato in them as this one does and often include a bit of parmesan. The 'recipe' I have always used, and I put it in inverted commas because you can really do what you like with this dish, is a Ray McVinnie one where he slices the potatoes rather than cubes them. Both are good and I really don't think it matters too much as to what you do. I did find that the potatoes took longer to cook through than when they are sliced, but Harry was happy as to him it looked like eggs and chips tortilla style due to the colour I got on the potatoes. I'm not sure that the whole garlic clove and sprig of fresh rosemary added all that much to the flavour and I think that I will continue to do my old method of sauteing the garlic with the potato to give more oomph. Regardless this is an easy dish perfect for a quick lunch or dinner and even better as a snack with drinks. See how the others went with their dish here.

Starting to saute

Finally cooked through

Eggs added

Almost ready to go under the grill

Inside the tortilla


  1. Yum, this looks fantastic! I especially love the shot of the browned potatoes with the sprig of rosemary...mmmmm, potatoes! :)

  2. Your tortilla looks great! I agree though, the cubes increased the cooking time.

  3. Lovely color on the potatoes - it did seem like the potatoes took forever to cook....
    Very nice.

  4. You are so right this is a perfect meal for a quick eat or a hearty lunch!! I loved this one too..yours turned out looking amazing!!!

  5. Those potatoes are calling my name! They look delicious.