Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday was out BGO or Big Gay Out where we get to celebrate our diverse communities with our family and friends. I think about 10,000 people went to it so it was pretty busy. As well as that it was extremely hot! We had only planned to go for a couple of hours as we had friends coming over for dinner so I had to get back to finish off preparations for that, (even though I had done most of it beforehand). Therefore we didn't take all that much with us just money, sunscreen, some water and a blanket to sit on. We would normally take lots of food and things with us and sit under the shade so this year we were very very under-packed and unprepared for the heat. I had left my hat at home thinking it would be overcast but when we got there the sun was beating down leaving me no choice but to buy a hat from one of the stalls. Never mind it's a great hat!

Harry really seemed to enjoy it but was a little overcome with the heat. By the end of our time there he looked decidedly peaky so it was time to go home for a swim in our Warewhare pool so he could cool down. It's a pity we weren't able to stay for longer as there were some really good acts coming on including Anika Moa who I think is fantastic. But never mind at least we were coming home to have dinner with good food and great friends. So here are some photos from the day...

Manu Dolls...fantastic!

Pegg, Harry, Me and Ali

Harry with a gorgeous  new lady friend

And a couple more lovely ladies

Harry and I

Dons and Harry

Manu Dolls again...Harry loved this act

2 of the fabulous MC's

Tarn, Harry, Dons and Gina sweltering in the heat

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