Monday, January 10, 2011

A Day Trip to Cornwallis

Yesterday we decided to get the kids out of the house and go to the beach for the day. Not far from where we live, (about 20 mins drive), is a lovely beach called Cornwallis. It has all that you could need- loads of trees, grass, sand, calm sea, toilets and best of all space. We try to go there during the summer at least a few times even though packing for a whole day is quite the mission....hmmm I wonder how it will be when we have to pack to go away to the bach for a week! By the time we get togs, towels, food (lots of it), a BBQ, toys, seats etc the car is quite full.

Luckily for us it wasn't all that busy when we got there making parking a breeze and giving us the choice of spots or trees. As it is so big even when there are loads of people it never feels crowded unlike those horrendous pictures you see of some overseas beaches where you might as well be sitting on each other such is the lack of space. Although the tide was out when we got there and it was a bit windy it ended up being a stunning day and we had a fantastic relaxing day.

I made mini bacon and onion quiches, chocolate cupcakes and we had sausages for the BBQ, tomatoes from the garden, avocado and some bread as well as some other nibbly bits. Harry and his cousin Hollie played for hours making sandcastles and swimming with us. It's amazing at how much more self sufficient kids are when they have each other to play with leaving us ample time to read the paper and just relax...not something I ever get much time to do.

Anyway here are some photos from the day taken on a not-very-good camera as I am still waiting for my good camera to be replaced after the burglary. I never realised just how much I used my camera until I no longer had it so I really miss being able to grab it to get some good photos.

Dons relaxing

Playing with cousin Holls

Looking up to our picnic site (tide out a bit)

View looking down the beach

Finally a nice photo of's hard to get him to pose for a photo these days

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