Friday, December 17, 2010

Harry Turns 6 Years Old...Cake Pops!

Harry on his 6th birthday at about 6am!!

Cake Pops

Wrapped and ready for the Party on Saturday

Today is my baby Harry's 6th birthday. I can hardly believe that 6 whole years have passed since I had him as a wee baby in my arms. Although he has his moments, as all children do, he is a truly lovely little boy. He is gentle, kind, caring and considerate. He is known for his impeccable manners, his thoughtfulness and his beautiful ballet dancing. We (his parents) also know him for his fiery nature and his dramatic outbursts.....! What can I say, the boy is multifaceted.

Harry was up at about 5.15 am this morning. Luckily we are early risers even though that time was a push for us too. He has to wait a whole year then he gets his birthday and Xmas in one big hit so he has been beside himself with excitement. This year we are going to have his party at Chipmunks which is a big playland where they also do parties. I'm thrilled that we get to make the mess and leave it all behind. However although the party is pretty much taken care of, I have still had to do a whole lot of cooking this week for things like the last this and the last that. I made a whole batch of chocolate cupcakes with swirled buttercream icing and sprinkles for the class today as Harry had to go to school on his birthday. As it was also the last day of school today I didn't want him to miss out on the last day and nor did he. So therefore baking was in order. We also had Reuben's graduation from intermediate school last night so time has been short. The cake pops are for the party treats tomorrow instead of treat bags.

A few weeks ago my book called 'Cake Pops' arrived. I have followed Bakerella's blog and now website for a long time and have often thought how cool it would be to make some cake pops. Well even though time is short I was determined to make these. As you can see above some are a bit rough but on the whole I am really quite happy with how they turned out. It is basically crumbled up cake and frosting mixed together. She uses bought cake mix and bought frosting and so for the first time making these, so did I. I must admit I don't often make anything boxed like this (actually I NEVER make them), so it was a bit of a mindset change. But as far as saving time goes, it was a necessity and wasn't too bad. The couple of problems I had was that my flower cutter was bit big so I had to default to a different shaped one which was smaller. The other thing that I deviated from was that she uses candy melts and I used chocolate buttons and coloured the white ones, with a powdered colour to get that teal on top. I think next time I would try the candy melts as the texture might be a bit different to the chocolate and maybe a little less thick. So watch this space as now that I have the cake pop bug you never know what might happen.


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  1. They look amazing, Megan! Just like Bakerella's.

    Just an FYI, the Wilton candy melts are really thick, though I think Bakerella uses a different brand which is a bit easier to handle.