Sunday, December 19, 2010

Harry's 6th Birthday

On Friday my baby Harry turned 6 yrs old. Now I know he can really no longer be classified as a baby BUT both of my boys will always be MY babies no matter how old they get.... sorry boys! Within one week we celebrate 3 birthdays of Harry and his two little friends Ruby and Billy who are respectively one year older and one year younger than Harry. So right before Xmas we have quite a few birthday parties as well as the usual Xmas celebrations. Needless to say it's quite a busy time of year!

Last year we threw a big 5th birthday bash for Harry so this year we went to Chipmunks Playland and let them do all the work instead. I did make the cake pops seen in the previous post and his cake, (banana with chocolate icing as chosen by Harry), so it wasn't all work-free but at least we got to leave the mess behind us so that stress was taken out of the mix. It was just as well we chose Chipmunks as the weather here has gone to pieces and it has rained for 4 days on end with no reprieve in sight. Harry had such a wonderful time and got to spend his party with friends as well as most of his class from school. Although it was raining it was also very hot, hence the very red faces you can see in the photos. Today we have 2 more parties so it is yet another day of fun, celebrations and junk food. Somehow I think we will need a quiet week ahead before Xmas day!

On his actual birthday with the chocolate self saucing pudding as a birthday cake

With dad


Cousin Hollie

With his friend Billy who is turning 5

Cousin Beau and best friend Jed

Beautiful Arlo

At the party table

Dons and I with Harry being silly

Friend Gwennie

Getting the cake from Charlie the Chipmunk...who must have been boiling in that suit!

Happy Birthday Harry!!!

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