Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reuben is 13!!

My baby Reuben turned 13 years old yesterday. I can hardly believe that not only do I have a teenager BUT I'm now the mother of a 13 year old....makes ME feel old. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. It was a hard labour and a long night ending up in a Caesarian section. He weighed a WHOPPING 4220 gms (or 9lb 5oz) and boy was he totally delicious...he still is!. I don't have any early photos of him as we only had one of those cameras which took film then, so I have posted these younger ones of him here...

With Louis who he has had since he was 2 years old

With Harry as a baby

And looking SO much older now

With his dad George

With our puppy Archie

For Reuben's birthday I was about to start night shift so we all went out for dinner beforehand to a lovely place in Ponsonby called Thai House which is one of Reuben (and his dads) favourite places to get takeaways from. The food was fantastic and the night went well...until I had to go to work. Even though Reubs didn't want a birthday cake I still went ahead and whipped up one for him. It was nothing too amazing. The recipe came from 'A Treasury of NZ baking' and is not one I would make again. I had to make a lovely frosting to go with it to make up for the fact that I wasn't all that happy with the cake. It was quite funny as the whole restaurant ended up singing Happy Birthday to him which he was, in typical now-teenage style, mortified about. Anyway here are some photos from last nights dinner....
Me, Reubs and Harry at Thai House

Reubs and his grandmother Helen who got Reubs for her birthday in 1997

Reubs, Harry and his friend Harry
Anyway there are loads of new cooking and family posts to come. Happy Birthday again my darling boy!!! 

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