Thursday, September 30, 2010

Milk and Cookies

These holidays I have done ZERO baking. I felt like I was going through withdrawals so asked Harry to choose something we could make. Of course he chose chocolate chip cookies so this was what we made. I have posted about these before but these ones have a 50 gm cocoa and 300 gms flour.

I used the good old Pam's cocoa as I find that it tastes rich and dark and has a fantastic colour. A long time ago I stopped using my usual Cadburys as I found they had altered it somewhat and it had hardly any taste and looked very insipid. When I called them to ask why they denied anything had been changed...... hmmm I think they think we are a bit thick because as anyone who bakes a lot would know if something was different about a product. I subsequently found out that it was being made in Australia (the beginning of that fiasco). I have Equagold cocoa in my pantry but it costs a lot of money and therefore I don't use it for everyday baking. In the past I have always had Valrhona cocoa too but I think the Equagold is fine for more 'fancy' baking.

Anyway these cookies are delicious and again I used a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate. Reuben did all the measuring and got out the mix for Harry to roll. Harry was also in charge of the kitchen aid which he loves. These are such a good biscuit to make as they are taste fantastic and easy to make.

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