Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gingernuts with Harry

Today I am in the middle of nightshift. Because I am such a terrible sleeper I got up far too early and thought I might do some baking to take into work. I often do this as it gives me a chance to have some relaxing time in the kitchen on my own, and I get to try new recipes all with the bonus of making the girls at work happy as everyone appreciates baking in the middle of the night. Unfortunately my camera battery is running flat so I may not get a chance to photograph what I made but if I do get some photos I'll post them later. Anyway I have a few things stored up to post about and these biscuits are one of them.

Last weekend I had said to my youngest son that we would have a day in the kitchen. He is 5 years old and absolutely LOVES cooking and baking. It's really the main thing we do together as I have to admit I'm not the most playful of mothers (even though I wish I was). Regardless of that it's become 'our' thing to do together and I'm convinced teaching a boy to bake can't be a bad thing. We spent the day making crumpets and hokey pokey after getting some inspiration from this fantastic blog called Sunday Hotpants. I'll post about the crumpets later but be warned ahead of time they are dangerously delicious... Anyway on her blog she had a post comparing gingernuts made the 'normal' way and vegan gingernuts. As we are not vegan I went with the 'normal' ingredients. They were lovely. I really loved the cinnamon notes in them as this is not what I would associate with these biscuits. For those who are not Kiwi's gingernuts are hard, dunk-in-your-cup-of-tea-to-save-your-teeth biscuits. In fact I would go so far to say they are a kiwi institution rather like Malt biscuits or Griffins Chocolate Chippies. Harry loved making these and then eating them. I find that when the boys get involved in the cooking process they are far more interested in eating the fruits of their labour....unless it's baking in which case they are dead keen regardless of whether they have helped or not! You can find the recipe for these biscuits on Sunday Hotpants blog.

Harry doing the creaming of the butter and sugar...he loves the handmixer
The dough

Harry about to roll out the dough which he really particular about
Perfectly rolled out thanks to Harry


Plate for afternoon tea

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