Monday, May 20, 2013

Harry's First Ballet Competition

In his last minute costume

With Saskia who was also doing her first competition

Over being paparazzi'd
One of the reasons I have been so busy in the last few months is that we have been doing a ton of preparation for Harry to go into the ballet competition circuit. Yes I admit it I am almost a fully fledged 'ballet mum'. I say almost because I know I will never be one of those overly intense, competitive and nasty-about-everyone-else types of ballet mum. Actually you can probably take away the intense thing..... Anyway Harry is a pretty committed dancer. It's his 'thing' and he is totally driven and passionate when it comes to dance. He does ballet, tap and jazz and loves every minute of it although his real passion is ballet. He practices pretty much every day and does it without complaint (mostly). He may not have natural talent (you know like those kids who don't have to practice and still look lovely) but he has enough so that with all the hard work he puts into it, he could, and is, amazing. He managed to get Highly Commended in both his categories so while there is still work to do, we were very pleased with his efforts and achievements. The loveliest thing about Harry during these competitions was that he was totally delighted to celebrate everyone else's success. This included those who did better than him or not as good as him. He was just thrilled to get something. I love that sort of sportsmanship and I think it will carry our baby far.

Well done our Pup we are so very very proud of you xxxxx

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