Friday, July 20, 2012

Baking for Nightshift- Blueberry-Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake

Wow it has been so long since I posted anything significant on my blog. The whirlwind that has been my life for the last month is slowly getting less ferocious as the house stuff is almost finished, my torn calf muscle gets better and better, and the effect of the school holidays wears off. Granted our house is looking lovely but it has been a marathon effort and one which has left me in awe of those people who embark on a huge renovation....and even more amazing who live in the house while it is happening. And we have most certainly NOT been doing anything too major but if I ever mention that I'm about to paint something, remind me of the nightmare that it is and how I said right here that I would NEVER EVER do it again......weeeeelllll maybe after the bathrooms and toilet is finished in the very distant future......! Once the carpet goes in in a week or so, I will be able to totally relax and bake my heart out.

But today I treated myself as a post-last-room-painted treat to baking some things for nightshift tonight. I made two things and will post about the other thing tomorrow if I can. As you might know I love love love bundt cakes. I love the tins and the shapes and they are deceptively easy to make for the high visual impact they have. As everything has gone by the by, so has keeping up with all the blogs I follow. I starred this recipe more recently so when I was looking for something to make found this at the top of the page. I had frozen blueberries in the freezer so used these instead of fresh. Here in NZ it's winter so it was lovely to get a bit of summer with this cake especially while looking out at the brilliant blue sky (even though it was pretty cold) outside. I tasted a small bit of this cake in the interests of this blog of course, and I can say that it has the most lovely light texture and the flavour of lemon is delicate but also not shy... if you know what I mean? I love rubbing the lemon zest into the sugar as it really does give it a whole new lemon vibe. Try this recipe and you will not be disappointed. You can find it here.

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