Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rhythm n Steps Opening and the Cake

Today was the official opening of the Dance school where Harry goes to ballet and tap. Everyone was very excited as Rhythm n Steps now has it's very own premises. Helen and Rob have obviously worked extremely hard to make a stunning space for everyone to enjoy and for the kids to florish in. There are two studios and a really lovely space for the parents to wait in. To celebrate the day I was asked to make a cake which I was only too happy to do. Although I am only a very amateur cake decorator, I really enjoy it and with the arrival of my new cake decorator machine the Cricut Mini on Thursday, it gave me the perfect chance to try out my new toy. Okay it probably wasn't the best timing given that I really needed to have a proper play with it and figure out all of it's little quirks before having to use it on a cake However it wasn't too bad and was actually quite easy to use. I'll look forward to perfecting it over time. 

The bottom cake was a Chocolate cake with ganache and the top cake was a Lemon Syrup Yoghurt Cake with a lemon buttercream icing. The school colours are light and dark purple while the main fondant colour was the dark purple the lettering, stars and heart border were a light purple with some white glitter stars added in for a bit of a zing. The ballerina was made out of gumpaste and although she looks a little rough, she is only my second attempt at figure modelling so I was pretty pleased with her. Live and let learn I guess and I can chalk up all the mistakes I made to experience. It's funny how all you see when you make something like this are the mistakes and instead focus on these instead of the whole thing. Maybe that's the bakers lot?

The opening itself was fantastic. Helen had her old ballet school teacher Valerie Murray QSM who did the official ribbon cutting. She has known Helen her whole life and also taught her brother and sister right the way through to the advanced grades. What an amazing woman to have contributed such a legacy to the dance world (I think she has taught for 60 years?). There were three performances by the older dancers, a lovely afternoon tea (great food for someone like me who was seriously sleep deprived after two night shifts finishing this morning and had the post night shift hunger), and just a fantastic family/community vibe...very much what this dance school is all about. SO here are some photos from the afternoon....

Waiting for the ribbon cutting

Val Murray, ACC councillor and Helen's parents

Harry, Me and little baby Oliver

Jamiee and Joel in action...both of these people are phenomenal dancers

Harry with his hero and role model Joel

Harry and Maddy in studio one

Helen and Rob cutting the cake

So here's to many more years of dance. Congratulations Rhythm n Steps!!!!!

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