Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Knead Bread....Just like Vogels

Today is Mother's Day and while I started the day with the obligatory and wonderful homemade Mother's Day cards (I LOVE homemade things from my babies), I have so far spent the day cooking. We decided that we would rather stay home for a nice dinner than go out anywhere, which I know plenty of you mothers out there will find a little difficult to understand. However booking anyway for dinner on Mother's Day is pretty difficult and as I am more than happy to cook, it just doesn't seem like a chore to me. 

So for dinner tonight is Lamb Shanks in a port sauce(a treat here in good old NZ as lamb is ridiculously expensive...crazy considering we have far more sheep than people and lamb is more more affordable overseas than it is here!), potato mash and pea puree. For dessert is a decadent and most definitely non-WW-friendly Vanilla Creme Brulee which I will post about once it has had its sugar crust and I have tried it make sure it's even worthy of a post. Of course we will have some nice bubbly and I have set the table with my Grandmother's Royal Doulton dinner ware and her crystal wine glasses and put candles all around the room.  

I know you will be wondering what this has to do with bread! Well all you mothers and non mothers out there....THIS is my gift to you! Whatever you do you really must make it. You will revel in how easy it is to make and how amazing it is to eat. You will say goodbye to Vogel's bread at a cost of over $4.50 per loaf once you have discovered this and hello to the Domestic Goddess you are or have always wanted to be. The only advise I have is to make sure you have a BIG loaf tin. I thought mine was big but yes it did overflow. It still worked out well as I just transferred some of it (and the spilled stuff), to a small loaf tin but next time I know to either make 2 small one or else invest in an even bigger loaf tin than the one I already have. The recipe can be found here at one of my favourite websites to visit called Foodlovers. Now don't say I never give you anything....


  1. Thanks so much.. I have been looking for a vogels bread recipe for some time. Happy Mothers day to you !

  2. I hope you see this, Megan. Jacqueline's original recipe is cooked in a covered Dutch oven (though someone said they successfully used a 4.5 litre Crockpot casserole). Yours looks like it was cooked in an ordinary uncovered loaf tin, which is how I'd prefer to do it. Is this correct? It looks divine, BTW. Thanks so much for posting these excellent photos.

    1. Hi Laraine. Yes you just bake it in a normal loaf tin and it really is delicious. I have made the other no knead recipes using the Dutch oven method and that worked really well too. However I found that way took a long waiting time. A book I have called 'Artisan Bread in Five Minutes' is also fantastic and I can vouch for the delicious bread it makes (I think it may be on my blog). Thanks for the comments.

    2. Thanks, Megan. Sorry I'm so late replying. I've only just seen your post because I forgot to ask to be notified if you replied. I have made Jacqueline's bread in an ordinary loaf pan like you and it really is scrumptious. One problem with Vogel's these days is that it isn't fresh when you buy it because they no longer do the baking at night. Remember when it wasn't available every day of the week? And I hate that they've withdrawn the uncut loaf.